Dust Bunnies!!!

dust bunnies

If dust bunnies are crowding your baseboards, try this clever trick. After cleaning the baseboard trim, wipe the clean surface with a dryer sheet. The antistatic properties in the sheet prevents dirt and debris from sticking, allowing your trim to stay dust-free for months.

Top To Bottom Deluxe Cleaning

Hey West Georgia! Tired of cleaning your home? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone clean the house for you? Allow me to tell you about Enjoy Life Cleaning Services House Cleaning Success Plan. Diane talks about our Top To Bottom Deluxe House Cleaning. It is recommended on the initial visit. Our initial cleaning is […]

10 Questions Enjoy Life Cleaning Services will ask!

10 questions to know for house cleaning

Here are 10 essential questions Enjoy Life Cleaning Services will ask you to provide a cleaning quote for your home: 1.Where are you located? (city, area of city, subdivision…) 2. What type of service do you need? (one time, ongoing, move-out…) 3.How often would you like your home cleaned? (Our you looking for ongoing service) […]

Day 6 of Cleaning For A Reason Week.

Diane wants to give a FREE house cleaning to a West Georgia Cancer Warrior. If you know someone go to our website and nominate them for the FREE cleaning.https://enjoylifecs.com/cleaning-for-a-reason/ When you nominate and they win , you get 2 Enjoy Life T-Shirts!!!