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Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA

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Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA was Voted Douglas County’s Best Cleaning Company! Family Owned and Operated Since 2006.

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA

Quality. Reliability. Trust.

You’ll be in good hands when you leave the dirty work to us. Enjoy a better cleaning experience with Enjoy Life.

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA, provides full-service residential cleaning, including general house cleaning and maid services in Douglasville and surrounding areas. 

We offer a full guarantee on all of our home cleaning services in Douglasville – if you’re not 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we will come back and make it right!

Get a quote online now, or you can call us at 770-225-0098, and one of our helpful team members will be happy to assist you.

Our Cleaning Services in Douglasville

Home Cleaning

We provide home cleaning services in Douglasville to satisfy your needs, including weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services. Our professional cleaners clean every detail of a home, leaving no dirt or dust behind. Leave your Douglasville house cleaning to our experts, and you’ll get a sparkling clean home.

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA

Junk Removal

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services will come out to your business or home and remove all your junk! Our hauling junk removal experts will even clean up afterward.
Need curbside junk removal in Douglasville, GA? No problem, we provide affordable curbside junk removal and hauling in Douglas County.


Keep your customers and employees safe from germs and viruses with our commercial sanitation services at Enjoy Life Cleaning Services Douglasville, GA. Our team of skilled experts is committed to safety. Completely sanitizing high-touch surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant is now a regular part of every cleaning we perform. We stay updated with the most advanced cleaning procedures and follow all EPA and CDC guidelines to guarantee our work is consistently effective.

cleaning and disinfecting in Douglasville

Business Consulting

A cleaning service consultant can help you reach your goals and offer practical guidance for whatever stage your business may be in.
Most business owners want to boost sales and grow profits. Still, there are many other reasons to request advice and support from a consultant, including social media, website development, cleaning service audits, and more.
Click the button below to read more about how we can help you grow your cleaning business!

Serving cancer patients throughout Douglas County

We're Cleaning For A Reason

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA
Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA

Homes • Businesses • Community Facilities

Taking Action During COVID-19

Coronavirus Cleaning and Sanitizing Services in Douglasville

Kill the virus that causes COVID-19 and minimize its spread on surfaces. Our COVID-19 Sanitizing Services can make any space a healthy space.

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville can sanitize your home to efficiently eliminate viruses and germs to keep you well and reduce your concerns. Additionally, Enjoy Life provides specialized COVID-19 sanitizing solutions for businesses, community buildings, medical facilities, and homes, all following EPA and CDC procedures.

Whether your facility was exposed to COVID‑19 or you would like to increase your preventative measures, our specialists know what to do to ensure your space is clean and germ-free.

Testimonials & Reviews

Douglas County's Five-Star Cleaning Service

Enjoy a Better Cleaning Experience with Enjoy Life!

Meet The Dream Team

Enjoy Life is a family-owned cleaning company founded by Omar and Diane Daniel, who have proudly been serving Douglas County homes and businesses for over 15 years.

Beyond cleaning homes, Omar and Diane have a real passion for the Douglasville community. Their mission in life is to help and educate others, and they accomplish that goal in many ways. When they are not working on their business, you will likely find them volunteering and sponsoring community and charitable events. Diane is also a well-known public engagement speaker in Douglas County and hosts a weekly podcast for the community.

As respected leaders in the Douglas County area and experts in the cleaning community, Omar and Diane use their knowledge to mentor cleaning company owners all over the nation. If you own a cleaning company or are thinking about opening a cleaning business, they can provide you with valuable consulting services.

If you’re interested in learning more about Enjoy Life Cleaning Services in Douglasville, GA, you can contact co-owners Diane or Omar Daniel. Diane and Omar would love to talk to you about your cleaning needs and answer any questions you may have about the many services Enjoy Life offers.

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Why Should I Choose Professional Cleaning in Douglasville?

Let’s be honest – no one likes having to clean up after the entire family, even if you “can.” Cleaning and maintaining a home is a lot of work, whether you’re a family of six or a two-person household. So what can you do? Hire a professional cleaning company in Douglasville to handle the cleanup for you! “But Enjoy Life,” you may object, “professional cleaning services are too expensive!”

Quite the contrary, dear reader, professional cleaning services are not as expensive as you think! Especially if you choose to work with a local home cleaning company in Douglasville, like Enjoy Life Cleaning Services. PLUS, all the benefits you receive and the time you save when you choose to work with a professional is worth so much more than money.

Read on to discover some of the benefits you can receive when you hire a professional cleaning company in Douglasville, like Enjoy Life.

Professional Cleaning Can Free Up Your Time

While it may take you all day to clean your house, qualified cleaners have been trained to clean in the most productive manner possible, so they are not in your way all day long. Using a professional cleaning company can free up your time to spend less time cleaning and more time with your family and friends.

Professionals Know What They're Doing

Professionals are more thorough when it comes to cleaning homes. For instance, how often do you clean your window sills and doorknobs? What about scrubbing the baseboards and faucet heads?

These small details are easy to neglect when you’re cleaning your own house because you’re too busy worrying about the big picture or may get preoccupied with caring for the kids and other errands.

Our professional cleaners focus on cleaning your home thoroughly from top to bottom.

It Helps Ease Your Stress

If you have professional cleaners come in, you can focus on other things and not have to worry about dealing with excessive dirt. They will take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders and ease your stress.

Professionals Have The Best Tools

Professionals have the best cleaning tools and equipment, which allows them to clean your house efficiently and quickly. You won’t have to worry about making any more last-minute trips to the store for cleaning supplies, which can save you time and money.

You Don't Like Cleaning

Let’s face it – no one really likes cleaning. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be considering using a professional cleaning company. It’s hard to motivate yourself to do things you dislike, especially when the task seems endless. Professional cleaning companies hire employees who like to clean and are incentivized to clean quickly and efficiently.

Professionals are Licensed and Insured

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you know that the cleaners are licensed, background checked, and qualified, as well as bonded and insured. Before you use a cleaning company, look for companies that have high ratings and reviews from customers.

You Will Appreciate Your Home in a New Way

After a long day of work, it’s great to come home to a sparkling clean home that smells so fresh. It’s comforting to know that you can sit back and enjoy your home instead of spending time on chores.

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Enjoy Life Cleaning Services is a local, family-owned, professional cleaning service in Douglasville. We are an award-winning cleaning company with an impressive 5-star rating on Google!

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