Cleaning For A Reason 2

Today is day TWO of Cleaning For A Reason Week in Douglasville❤️ !! If you know someone that is battling cancer and needs assistance with house cleaning, let us help. We provide FREE house cleaning. If you want us to talk with you go to our page and fill out our questionnaire:…

Free House Cleaning Winner Is…..

Enjoy Life Cleaning has picked our free house cleaning winner for our 2019 Mother’s Day give away. We are proud to announce the winner is Riana Burney. Enjoy Life Cleaning Services will provide 2.5 hours of free cleaning in her home. We love to give women time back in their daily schedule. So we decided […]

Cleaning For A Reason

We donate Maid Services! Celebrate Cleaning For A Reason week with us! Tell someone you know that is fighting Cancer. We Clean. You Relax. Read this article from Cleaning for a reason to understand how we can help others in need. Keeping a Clean Home During Cancer Treatment A clean home is an important part […]