Laundry Day

How do you handle your laundry? We want to let you know that Enjoy Life Cleaning Services provides In-Home Laundry Service for our clients. We will come to your home and wash,dry,fold, and put your clothing away. If this is something you would like for your family, let us know. We can design a custom […]

Who Wants To Retire?

We at Enjoy Life Cleaning Services work hard everyday to retire women from house cleaning. Our cleaning system will put you out of house chores and laundry, if you let us. So let us handle the chores and get your time back to do enjoyable things with your friends and family.

No More Saturday Laundry

Did you know we clean can clean your laundry? We will wash,dry,fold, and put away your laundry. Give us a call to take another chore off your list, so you can enjoy doing something else.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Enjoy Life Cleaning Services.  We want to thank all our clients for allowing us to serve them in 2018. We look forward to a new year and many more days of making our clients mop free. We love helping families spend more time doing things they want to do and not […]

Serving our Veterans and Habitat for Humanity

We have teamed up with NW Metro Habitat for Humanity to provide move in cleaning services for our Veterans home program. We are a proud community serving company that supports this great program in Douglasville. We are able to give back to the men and women that have served our country , by providing peace […]