Cleaning Is Essential – The 10 Reasons to hire a professional cleaning company.

10 Reasons To Hire Enjoy Life Cleaning Services

Overnight cleaning shifted from being a luxury for appearance and pride to also being part of the solution to how we keep our families safe and healthy. At Enjoy Life Cleaning Services we take pride in being essential in the battle for maintaining your family’s health and wellness. That is why we compiled a list of 10 things you need to ask before hiring a cleaning service for your home.

Healthy, Safe Cleaning

1. Social distancing – does the service send in a team of cleaners, or one solo house cleaner at a time where it is easy to maintain distance during the cleaning (our model is solo cleaning).

2. CDC recommendations – What training have they provided their staff with in the last 8 weeks around proper sanitizing surfaces, per CDC guidelines? We’ve carefully trained and instructed our staff in proper sanitizing steps and use of disinfectants in the home for your safety as well as theirs.

3. Cross contamination – What measures are they taking to avoid cross contamination from equipment in homes. We have implemented extensive procedures around cleaning equipment and how to avoid cross contamination.

Convenience, Quality, Satisfaction

1. Are you required to a sign a contract where you are you locked in for a period of time, whether you are happy or not? With our service you can cancel any time for any reason.

2. Is the cleaning company bonded and insured to protect you against risk? We are because you shouldn’t have to pay twice. We assume all the risk.

3. Does the company perform adequate criminal background checks on all of their employees or do they hire “sub-contractors” that cannot be properly vetted? Our staff are employees, not contractors, and have to pass a thorough background check and rigid screening process.

4. Is it important that they show up every time and on the scheduled day you expected them? We show up when we say, because our clients are busy people, and don’t have time for people who show up late and reschedule. It’s in our DNA to rescue them from the hassles!

5. Do they have high employee/contractor turnover? Our employees love what they do and love working for Enjoy Life Cleaning Services. Happy employees = low turnover = exceptional customer joy!

6. Are they the “lower priced” option when comparing services? If they could charge more, they would. The real question is “why aren’t they worth more?”–because price should not be the only consideration when inviting people into your home.

7. Are they contributing some of their profits to charity? Most consumers want to know that part of their purchase improves the lives of others too. Our service has been committed to providing the gift of free cleanings for Cancer patients in West Georgia. Read more about our program at :

8. How do they treat their employees? Do they treat their employees with respect while paying them well for a job well done so they can support their families? Our #1 core value is “People Over Profits” and we live this mission day in and day out with our staff, which is why their happiness makes for client happiness.

9. How responsive will they be after you pay? Can you reach the owner anytime you have a problem? If they were slow and unresponsive before you paid, imagine how hard it will be after you’ve paid. As the owners, we can be reached any time because we are both actively involved in the day to day operations. If there is ever a problem, we solve it with you, unlike so many others in the service industry that will try to get out of solving the problem.

10. Is your satisfaction guaranteed? If your home isn’t cleaned to your expectations what are your options? Maybe it’s time you work with a company that is a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle! No hassle, no risk, 100% guaranteed.

Because time is precious, and a clean and healthy home is important now more than ever, let us RESCUE your time so you can enjoy a healthier, cleaner, home.

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