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We’re creating free time for busy people. We’ll focus on your house while you focus on your free time, allowing you to spend more time with activities you enjoy, and time with loved ones, family and friends.


Our mission is to provide you with more time to enjoy life, family & friends!

Diane Daniel

Georgia's Cleaning Expert| Keynote Speaker | Helping Families ENJOY LIFE one clean home at a time!

Diane Daniel exerts her business acumen as Georgia’s Cleaning Expert ,Entrepreneur, Developer, Philanthropist, and Keynote Speaker. She accomplishes these titles by passionately motivating people to Enjoy Life  with less stress and more joy!

In 2006, Diane added entrepreneur to her repertoire of skill sets and realizes her success is a compilation of serving in excellence to help clients relax and enjoy life more. She leads in love and lives by the mantra to work hard, serve in excellence, and enjoy life. She credits her business partner husband with motivating her to excel beyond her comfort zone, which has positively impacted the success of Enjoy Life Cleaning Services, LLC, an award-winning business.

She is a respected and passionate servant who implements the developer leadership style and is committed to gaining the trust and respect of her team members and clients. She consistently thinks the best of others and believes people can never out give giving. Diane is an accomplished problem solver and communicator who implements a proven cleaning system that allows her clients to enjoy the freedom of deciding what to do with their time. The pillars that serve as the foundation of her business success are people, vision, focus, and relationships. The one tool she cannot live without in her business is automation, which helps improve services and systems continuously.

Diane is a leader in her community having served on boards such as the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, WellStar Douglas Hospital Community Board, Cultural Arts Council, and the Vineyard Streetball Classic among other organizations. Formerly with the Visiting Nurses Finance Department, Diane caught the entrepreneur bug from her serial entrepreneur father who excelled with only elementary school education. She gets her strength from her mother who is a fervent and strong woman. Diane resides in the Atlanta metropolitan area with her husband Omar; children Alexandra, Jacqueline, Xavier and Alena; and grandchildren Oliver and Prince.

Join this passionate servant leader who is dedicated to serving others by encouraging, motivating and inspiring them to lead with love and to enjoy life passionately and purposefully. Follow Diane Daniel on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn how Enjoy Life Cleaning Services, LLC can help you Enjoy Life more.


Omar Daniel

Small Office Time Saver| Warehouse Cleaning Specialist| Your Cleaning Go To Guy

Omar Daniel is an award-winning entrepreneur, coach, and mentor. As the owner of Enjoy Life Cleaning Services, LLC, Omar is a leading expert in the professional cleaning industry with 25+ years’ experience and attributes his success to his business partner wife and the implementation a systematic approach to cleaning.

Omar is dedicated to serving clients in excellence so that they can relax and enjoy life. He is a giving and caring leader who puts his staff’s values first. Omar’s personal mission is to help others, which he does by offering complimentary cleaning services for cancer patients, providing higher staff livable wages, and allowing clients the freedom of spending time on the important things in life. The pillars that serve as the basis of his business success are training, quality service, education, and professionalism. His mantra is to never quit and always forgive others. The one tool he cannot live without is his mobile phone, which helps him communicate with family, clients, and staff, and provide continual creative business marketing.

Omar is a leader and volunteer in his community serving as the Executive Director of the Vineyard Streetball Classic, a nonprofit youth basketball organization, Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Diplomat and long-time member, Partners in Education member, past co-chair of the Taste of Douglasville, and a Douglas County Parks and Recreation Basketball volunteer, among other organizations.

Enjoy Life Cleaning Services, LLC is the recipient of the 2010 Douglas County Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year award, and two years later, Omar was awarded Diplomat of the Year. As a caring listener and motivator, Omar is a former healthcare professional and entertainment promoter who enjoys the flexibility of entrepreneurship. Omar credits his dad with molding him into the father he is today because of his unconditional love and devotion to family. Omar lives in the Atlanta metropolitan area with his wife Diane; children Alexandra, Jacqueline, Xavier and Alena; and grandchildren Oliver and Prince who love their grandfather unconditionally and tells him so daily, which warms his heart.

Join this enthusiastic and determined leader who is dedicated to helping others by listening, inspiring, and motivating them to enjoy life. Follow Omar on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to learn how Enjoy Life Cleaning Services, LLC can help youenjoy life more.

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Diane Daniel



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